With the modernisation of the construction industry in India, new-age heavy construction machines have been helping out in the field. With their new-age technologies, these new construction machines have set a standard with better efficiency and high durability. 

So, to cope with the trend, many brands have been coming out with their state-of-the-art model with all the new generations of technologies to break all the barriers in the industry and open new possibilities. With this healthy competition among the brands, construction companies and all the buyers of these heavy machines are receiving the best products possible. So, with the same spirit among the brands, here we are with a couple of backhoe loaders models to improve your construction standards needs. 

Popular JCB and ACE Backhoe Loaders

1. JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader

The JCB 3DX is one of the top-looked backhoe loaders in the market. This isn’t just for how it looks but also for its capabilities. First, this heavy equipment has a high capacity for lifting and operating, 1800 kg and 7460 kg, respectively. This lets you look for more opportunities and stand out in all your construction project needs. These capabilities are supported by the hydraulic of the equipment. Thus, the JCB 3DX comes with a hydraulic oil capacity of 110 litres that helps it to carry out loads from the Digging site. Lastly, the JCB machine price in India starts from Rs. 35 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 38 lakhs.

2. ACE AX-124 NS Backhoe Loader

ACE construction equipment is a market leader. From the way it looks to how it performs, it is a true beast in the field. Its 4950 kg maximum lift capability drills the ground like no other. This offers it an advantage in terms of increasing efficiency in its use. This backhoe loader has a hydraulic oil capacity of 135 litres and a maximum operating capacity of 7500 kg. With its larger and more technologically sophisticated features, this construction machine can meet all of your construction needs. This comes in a price range of Rs. 31 to Rs. 33 lakhs in India. For more details, visit InfraJunction.