Working on a construction site is hard, with lots of difficulties coming the way, from overloading the workload over the labour to the machinery. 

But construction companies sometimes ignore these factors, which can lead to greater issues in the near future. Thus, these smaller issues can later result in a decrease in productivity. This will lead you to look for other options that not only can handle a load of your motive to increase productivity but also bring new capabilities to your daily construction operations.  

Therefore, we are here today with a couple of backhoe loaders. They come from brands like Tata Hitachi and JCB. Adding value to your dream of discovering new possibilities with your ideas. So, let's not wait any further.

Best Backhoe Loaders in India

1. Tata Hitachi SHINRAI Backhoe Loader

The Tata Hitachi SHINRAI backhoe loader is a top-selling loader in the market. It outshines all other backhoe loaders in their category from its looks and capabilities. To begin with, this backhoe loader comes with a hydraulic oil capacity of 86 litres. This lets this construction machine carry heavy loads on the site from a bucket holding 1 cum. 

Along with this, Tata Hitachi machinery comes with a strong build that can operate with its maximum operating weight of 7800 kg. This lets this machine roar on the field. Lastly, the price list of the Tata Hitachi SHINRAI backhoe loader comes with an impressive price list starting from Rs. 29 lakhs and going up to Rs. 31 lakhs.

2. JCB 3DX Xtra Backhoe Loader

The JCB 3DX Xtra is an exceptional machine with best-in-class features and the top build quality. Moreover, this backhoe loader comes with a hydraulic oil capacity of 130 litres, letting this construction machine carry payloads of 1800 kg. 

This is possible due to its bucket's holding capacity of 1 cum. Moreover, with its bucket, you can reach up to a height of 5794 mm, which is best in class. All of this is possible because of the impeccable build quality of this backhoe loader that can operate with a weight of up to 8000 kg.

In addition, this backhoe loader comes at the best-in-segment price range, starting from Rs. 32 lakhs to Rs. 34 lakhs. For more information about the JCB on the road price list and others, visit Infra Junction.