JCB and Tata Hitachi revolutionised the Indian construction industry through their innovative, high-quality equipment. To illustrate, they introduced advanced machineries such as excavators, backhoe loaders, and hydraulic machines, improving efficiency and productivity. Subsequently, such remarkable innovations helped the builders speed up construction projects and meet growing demand. Additionally, JCB & Tata Hitachi diligently provides training and support to their customers. Furthermore, these companies aid in improving skills and knowledge in the industry. Hence, all these components have greatly transformed the construction landscape in India.

Popular Backhoe Loaders in India

1. JCB 3DX 

Infra professionals in India find this JCB machine price range quite reasonable. This is because this backhoe loader has advanced features that deliver exceptional output. For instance, the operating weight of this machine is around 1800 Kg. Additionally, the equipment can dig as deep as 5.05mm, hence acting as a time-saving metric for on-site job requirements in construction. 

Furthermore, the loader can reach as high as 3000mm, thanks to its exceptional full height reach capacity. Additionally, this machine is equipped with 1 cum bucket capacity. And as mentioned above, its price range is reasonable as it starts from Rs. 18 Lakhs and goes up to 20 Lakhs.

2. Tata Hitachi Shinrai Prime 

With a strong & fuel-efficient engine offering outstanding performance and productivity, the Tata Hitachi Shinrai Prime is a backhoe loader that excels in its field. Moreover, the model has high-tech features surpassing productivity and work efficiency. For instance, it comes with an operating weight of 8050 Kg. Additionally, this machine facilitates storing heavy materials, thanks to its backhoe bucket capacity of 1cum. Moreover, this heavy equipment can lift up to 1920 Kg.

Furthermore, Its sophisticated hydraulic system and precise control technology provide smooth and effective operation. All these features overall ensure maximum work efficiency. Above all, the Tata Hitachi price range lies between Rs. 33 - 35 Lakhs in India. 

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